WordPress Technical SEO Services

Highly Responsive applies proven UX and SEO fundamentals to provide you with measurable results. Unlike other SEO companies that just provide bloated reports of what needs to be fixed, we actually implement changes and fix your site before we send you a full recap of what we did.

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Details About Our Technical SEO Services

Performance Optimization

Our performance optimization resolves any speed-related issues that prevent your website from ranking high in the organic search results.

Core Web Vitals Audit: In June 2021, Google will start implementing new metrics that will affect your rankings in search engine results.  These metrics are known as Core Web Vitals (CWV). We’ll help you improve your Core Web Vitals so that your rankings improve and as a result, get more pageviews and customers.

Cache Optimization: Not really sure which cache type or plugin to use and how to configure it? We’ll install and custom configure WP Rocket ($30/year value included free with optimization).

Image Optimization: If your images aren’t optimized, they could be hurting more than helping. We’ll optimize your entire library of images and setup automatic optimization for future all uploads.

Database Optimization: Bloated database tables will slow your site and can potentially cause problems. We review every table in your database then cleanup and optimize them. We’ll also fix those out of control plugins that cause those bloated database tables and also setup automatic monthly database maintenance.

Code Audit: Over time, unwanted and unused code gets left and sometimes can become a security vulnerability or slowdown your site. We’ll identify old, damaging or broken scripts and remove them to get your site running at peak performance.

Plugin Audit: Outdated, broken, vulnerable, unused, and misconfigured plugins could be slowing down your site. We’ll check each one and clean up where it’s needed.

Content Display Audit: Displaying too many posts or too many comments on one page or post can be detrimental to speed. Displaying too few can create a poor user experience. A few tweaks can optimize and fix commonly found speed and user experience issues. Other optimal display strategies such as enabling Lazy Loading while excluding above the fold images will help decrease page load times.

General SEO Checkup & Fixes

Get a comprehensive site checkup to discover some of the most important and most common SEO issues that plague sites. We fix everything we can and tell you how you can fix problems in the areas we can’t resolve the issues ourselves.

Google Search Console: We’ll take a deep look and cleanup the whole shebang! Crawl errors, sitemap, links, and more. Not just analyzed, but also fixed!

Overall Reviews of Key Site Components:
Duplicate Titles and Meta
Titles over 65 Characters
Correct Heading Structures
Missing Alt Text
Structured Data and Schema Markup
Correct NoFollow Links Usage
Broken Link Checkup
Robots.txt file

…and many more issues that our experts are trained to spot.

Health and Security Optimization

Even though it may seem outside the normal scope of SEO, the overall health and security of your website does affect your rankings and traffic both directly and indirectly.

HTTPS Conversion: We don’t use one-click plugins. We’ll actually convert all your site settings, content, and server configurations to HTTPS in order to be truly secure and efficient.

Backup Audit: We’ll verify that your site is utilizing an adequate backup solution and that those backups are able to be restored.

Security Audit: We’ll check your site for any vulnerabilities and make sure minimum security standards are implemented for firewall/antivirus.

Choose Your Technical SEO Package

PageSpeed Boost

$ 350
  • Performance Optimization

Full Technical Optimization

$ 600
  • General SEO Checkup
  • Performance Optimization
  • Health and Security Optimization

Don't forget to ask about available discounts when also purchasing Support plans or Development services.